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We have Complete range of Home Appliances, Like Hot and Cold AC, all sizes of LED TVs, All types and sizes of Refrigerators and all kinds of


We provide and centralized support for all our Products, including diagnostic services and troubleshooting on Phone as well as on Site..

Why choose Telezone Home Appliances?

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Telezone is a Professional home appliances Manufacturing Company. We are manufacturing from last 10 years and have branches and distributors available in all over Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We Manufacture high quality Home appliances, with a focus on dependability and reliability.

24/7 Support

Based on over 10 years of experience of Manufacturing our products are of very high quality and most of time do not required any support, but just for our customer satisfaction we provide 24/7 support.

ON telephone as well as On Site.

On Site Installation

We have skilled group of technicians that are fully dedicated and specialize to provide these services, many with over 10 years of experience.

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